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Edris Oil Service, Inc. has over 50 years experience in delivering heating oil. We care about our customers, community, and environment. That is why all of our heating oil has special additives to provide comfort that is easy on the environment, your furnace, and your budget.
We ensure that our heating oils are of the highest quality so as to provide you with the maximum heat efficiency. Our additive, “Treat Now” gives long-term storage stability that leads to sludge-free fuel and , carbon and soot prevention, which in turn leads to improved heat transfer, clean air emissions, and overall optimum combustion efficiency.
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Heating Oil Truck - Heating Oil in York, PA
There is nothing better than two respected companies working together for your comfort. Edris Oil provides clean and economical heating oil, while and Gohn and Stambaugh provides outstanding HVAC service and more! Gohn and Stambaugh was selected York's best HVAC company by the York Sunday News. We are excited about our partnership with one of York's best companies. Our commitments and goals are the same: to provide quality products and great service at reasonable prices.


DATE: March 20, 2018


Pacific Pride Prices:

Premium Diesel Fuel:
No lead 87 Octane:
Plus 89 Octane:
Premium 93 Octane:
These prices are for Edris Oil billing customers in good standing and owned Pacific Pride sites. Prices from other locations may be different. You may deduct 2 ¢ per gallon if paid within 10 days. Volume discounts will automatically be given.

Delivered Prices:

Heating Oil:
Off-Road Diesel Fuel:
On-Road Diesel Fuel:
No lead 87 Octane:
Plus 89 Octane:
Premium 93 Octane:
call for price
You may deduct 2 ¢ per gallon if paid within 10 days. All Automatic heating oil delivery customers receive an additional three ¢ per gallon.
Contact us for bulk (over 350 gallons) pricing.
Please Note: Edris Oil doesn't guarantee the accuracy of these prices. Timing issues may occur. Please contact us to verify prices.



Automatic Delivery

Edris Oil customers can either call the office when they need fuel or sign up for automatic delivery. Our automatic delivery schedule takes the worry out of watching your fuel gauge.
With automatic delivery, we watch and record temperatures using the industry-standard “degree day” and your house consumption "K-factor". Your house consumption, or "K-factor" depends largely on the size, insulation, equipment efficiency, and personal temperature preferences.
Oil Truck - Heating Oil in York, PA
The degree day system has proven very reliable and has been instrumental in ensuring that our customers do not run out of fuel. However, this system does not account for changes in pattern consumption. Here are some factors/changes that can cause significant changes in fuel consumption:
  • a new baby
  • home additions
  • changes in use of wood stoves or space heaters
If any changes occur, just give us a call and together we can recalculate to assure a timely delivery. We strive to calculate a delivery of about 170 gallons. We do this to give our customers about a 100 gallon buffer to account for most small consumption changes. We have a 24-hour emergency number to handle any after-hour emergencies. If you do run out of oil, and your account is current, we will be there within hours to get your tank filled. Let us help ensure your year-round comfort!

Automatic Delivery Sign-up

Click here to download the automatic delivery sign-up form. When you sign up for automatic delivery, you get 3¢ discount and $50 of free fuel*. Complete the form, save it to your computer and then e-mail the form as an attachment.

New Customer Referral

If you referred a new customer who signed up for automatic delivery, e-mail us to collect your $50 free fuel credit.* Please include your name, address, phone number, and the new customer's name within the email message.


If you prefer to monitor your tank you can call or e-mail (see e-mail instructions here) when you need fuel.


  • Please notify us five business days ahead for the delivery.
  • Include your name, address, phone number, gallons needed, (150 gallons minimum) or to fill the tank in the e-mail message.
  • We will send a conformation email.


We care about all of our customers and strive to handle any emergency as quickly as we can. If you have an emergency, after normal business hours, please call (717)848-5001 and listen for the emergency extension. We will do our best to keep you warm!

Clearing the Way for Your Delivery

Just like we care about our customers, we also care about the dedicated personnel at Edris Oil Service. We ask that driveways are clear and low hanging tree limbs are trimmed for our trucks. Also, please be sure the fill location is free of snow and thorny bushes. We know in winter the weather can be extreme, but together we can keep everyone safe and warm. Please contact us with any concerns about your fill, driveway, or tank.
*$10 off your bill for the first five deliveries!


About Our Additives

Today's fuels are constantly changing because of new and evolving EPA mandates. These changes, due primarily to lower sulfur contents in order to minimize air pollutants, have generated some potential storage and performance issues. However, specific quality fuel additives have proven to overcome such adverse conditions by providing long-term storage stability, corrosion inhibition, burner efficiency optimization, and longer equipment life. Also, now that kerosene is no longer an option (because of the high cost and limited availability of low sulfur K-1), additives are used to prevent gelling and icing.
To optimize fuel quality we have already been adding, and will continue to add, TREAT NOW into all our home heating and off-road diesel fuels. This proven product, at no extra cost to you, helps to keep your furnace and/or equipment running smoothly and more efficiently. We have now partnered with C&S Scientific Corp. and Schaeffer, the producer of this additive and an industry leader in additive technology, to ensure that all our products and services are in sync with an ever-evolving fuel supply. For our Pacific Pride customers, the diesel fuel contains an additive to prevent injector nozzle coking and fouling which minimizes the clogging of fuel filters. It extends fuel quality with water and anti-rust/corrosion inhibition. This increases the overall fuel economy and prolongs engine life. Edris Oil Service and C&S Scientific Corp. and Schaeffer have developed a year-long specialty chemical program utilizing specific adjunct products designed to provide all the tools necessary to ensure continuous, efficient, and trouble free, performance. For more information, check out the C&S Scientific Corp. and Schaeffer website and then contact Tim at Edris Oil Service. Remember, there are many advantages that additives provide to help reduce your costs and increase overall fuel economy. We do this to provide our customers the best fuel at the most cost effective price. Today's fuels are not meeting the demands of current technologies. With additives we can meet those specs.


and frequently asked questions

Q: How can I save energy and reduce my heating bills?
A: Visit www.oilheatamerica.com for more information.
Q: Are Edris Oil's fuel supplies at risk?
A: No. Our fuel supply is more than adequate to meet the needs of our existing customers, plus any new customers that desire the quality and service that Edris Oil provides. We secure contracts with many suppliers to ensure comfort throughout the year.

Helpful Hints
Change the filter in your furnace once a year. A good general maintenance is recommended. Programmable thermostats Use our additized fuels for maximum efficiencies.
Q: Does Edris make a larger profit while prices are high?
A: No. Just the opposite! Our profits shrink during price spikes because we absorb a portion of the price increase to help protect our customers and remain competitive. High prices put a strain on everyone including us.
Q: Can I save money by changing heating oil companies?
A: Probably not. Selecting a fuel company based on price alone rarely produces the saving you expect, and could put your home and family at risk. For the best value, look at more than just cost per gallon. It is good to price check from time to time. This lets you know, you have a competitive supplier.

We offer convenient online payment options for our clients. Home Heat customers can pay by credit card or online checking. We ask that our Commercial and Pacific Pride customers use the online checking feature, otherwise there will be a fee for credit card payments. Because of the cost associated with credit cards, we charge a 2% fee to cover the cost of those payments. Commercial accounts paying by credit card should be prepared to pay this 2% fee. Home Heating customers, E-Check, and ACH payments will not be charged a fee.
Cash and checks are still gladly accepted.

Peace of Mind CAP Program

Our Peace of Mind program is CLOSED for the season

Peace of Mind - We highly recommend this program. It has saved our customers thousands of dollars!!!
Don't get caught paying a high fixed price during the coldest part of the season! Enroll in our P.O.M. Program and take the stress out of heating your home. If the price of home heating fuel goes lower than the cap price, you pay the lower price! This program takes the risk out of climbing prices and gives you "Peace of Mind"!
The new Peace of Mind program is here! The 2017-2018 cap price is $2.249p/gal net. There is no other major change.
Market prices have, and will continue to change wildly. There are many things that are capable of adding to the volatility of prices, but this program will give you stability and certainty in an uncertain world. Contact us if you have questions on our "Peace of Mind" CAP Program.

See below for more information about the contract plans.

Automatic Delivery Discount

If you are an automatic delivery customer, you will automatically get a discount of 3¢ per gallon.

Peace of Mind

With this CAP program, the price will stop increasing once it reaches the CAP price. This gives you the security of knowing if prices go higher, you can keep your budget under control. We do recommend combining our budget payment plan (below) with the Peace of Mind plan.

Budget Payment Plan

If you are an automatic delivery customer, you can sign up for a budget payment plan, which allows you to spread payments over a 10 or 12 month period.
E-mail us to set up a budget payment plan. Please make sure to include your name, address, and phone number within the e-mail message.