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No matter the size of the tank, we have the truck to fill it. We offer all grades of gas and on-road diesel. For more info, click on the desired product.
Our transports are equipped with pumps to serve large above ground tanks (10,000 gallons or greater) and any other large tank. The small tank delivery trucks are equipped to fill just about any tank. The tankers and delivery trucks are tested and certified to haul all products.
Our drivers are experienced and have provided quality service for many years. We have the equipment and personnel to meet your needs. “We care,” and that is why we are committed to meeting your delivery needs.
Fuel Tanker Truck - Heating Oil in York, PA
We believe all businesses are unique, so we offer unique options for our business customers. This includes pricing, delivery, billing information and more. We believe being flexible is the key to our business relationship. Please contact us and tell us your needs. We will be happy to help.
Please Note: Edris Oil doesn't guarantee the accuracy of these prices. Timing issues may occur. Please contact us to verify prices.

Delivered Products


Commercial On-Road Diesel

We have your on-road diesel needs covered. We can deliver to your tanks or you can fuel up at Pacific Pride.
In 2010, Pennsylvania mandated that all 15ppm on-road diesel must contain at least a 2% blend of Biodiesel. This is one of many changes that are affecting the fuel and fuel quality.
Delivering Heating Oil - Heating Oil in York, PA
Another change has come from the EPA on the engine manufacturers. The EPA mandated that all engines must drastically decrease their emissions. Engine manufacturers accomplished this by dramatically increasing the injection pressure. This added pressure then breaks down the fuel and creates a by-product called asphaltene, which gets recirculated back to your tank and then caught by the fuel filter. The only solution to these issues are additives. The additives keep the fuel quality intact, and keep your engine performing at its peak. We have additives in the fuel at our Pacific Pride sites. Diesel that is delivered can be additized. Just let us know that you would like the additive. Please contact us to learn more about what product will suit your needs.
Click here for more information on our additives that keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently.
For pricing and any questions about the services we offer, contact Tim.

Commercial Off-Road Diesel

All off-road diesel is 15 ppm (parts per million sulfur content). It is the same product as on-road diesel, just with red dye and without Bio. Sulfur is one of the components of diesel that provides lubrication. With the reduction of sulfur, lubricity additives are used to get the product to ASTM standards. All off-road diesel that is delivered by our tankwagon trucks contain Schaeffer's summer premium additve. This additive saves you money.

Just a few benefits include...

  1. Improvement of the fuel's cetane rating up to 5 points
  2. Faster warm up
  3. Clean-up & Keep clean performance proven in the Peugeot DW-10 Injector Depositing Test
  4. Cummins L-10 Injector Depositing Test and Cummins N-14 Injector Corrosion Test Performance
  5. Dispersion of insoluble gums and varnish present in low quality fuels.
  6. Excellent deposit control for light duty and medium duty
  7. Improved combustion by completely vaporizing the fuel into smaller particles, to provide better fuel economy and prevent a significant loss in engine power
  8. Improves fuel economy up to 3%
  9. Modification of existing injector deposits, which allow for their removal and safe passage into the combustion chamber where they can be burned
  10. Reduced emissions exhaust smoke, particulates and black smoke
  11. Excellent anti-wear protection for injectors and fuel pumps
  12. Supplemental ring and valve-train anti-wear protection
  13. Lubrication of the upper cylinders, fuel pumps and injectors
  14. Increased fuel thermal stability to resist thermal degradation
  15. Inhibition of oxidation during storage which extends storage stability
  16. Rust and corrosion protection to the entire fuel system
Please call or email Tim for bulk pricing and to learn more about additives for off-road d/f.


Edris Oil delivers all grades of gas: E87, E89 and E93 octane. The gasoline we sell is enriched with ethanol. It contains up to 10% ethanol. Our trucks are certified and equipped to deliver safely and on time.
For farmers, we record gallons and mail yearly usage reports for tax requirements and refunds. We have registrations for townships or any other tax exempt customers free of charge (see forms).
Our Pacific Pride sites also dispense E87, E89, and E93 octane.
We care about quality and price. Every gallon we purchase meets or exceeds ASTM standards, and since we buy from many suppliers you can be assured that you are receiving a competitively priced product. From homes to businesses, we have the quality, service, and price to make you comfortable.

SDS Sheets

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Peace of Mind CAP Program


Pricing Programs for Commercial Customers

Just like our residential customers, our peace of mind commercial customers can use various pricing programs to control risk. Fixes, caps, and collars are just a few pricing strategies intended to keep prices from taking a big bite out of your profits. There many risks and rewards with all programs. Please call or email Tim to learn more about what can work for you. *Payment by credit card is subject to a 2% charge.