Q: Are Edris Oil's fuel supplies at risk?
A: No. Our fuel supply is more than adequate to meet the needs of our existing customers, plus any new customers that desire the quality and service that Edris Oil provides. We secure contracts with many suppliers to ensure comfort throughout the year.
Q: What are some general maintenance tips?
  • Change the filter in your furnace once a year
  • A good general maintenance is recommended
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Use our additized fuels for maximum efficiencies
Q: Does Edris make a larger profit while prices are high?
A: No. Just the opposite! Our profits shrink during price spikes because we absorb a portion of the price increase to help protect our customers and remain competitive. High prices put a strain on everyone, including us.
Q: Can I save money by changing heating oil companies?
A: Probably not. Selecting a fuel company based on price alone rarely produces the saving you expect, and could put your home and family at risk. For the best value, look at more than just cost per gallon. It is, however, good to price check from time to time. Checking prices lets you know you have a competitive supplier. If you have chosen a peace of mind contract with Edris Oil, you can see how much you save every year.

Also, all Edris Oil automatic delivery customers receive an extra 3¢ deduction per gallon. Our competitive price and pricing programs will ensure savings throughout the years.

In addition to competitive prices, Edris Oil's premium heating oil provides better fuel efficiency and longer burner life than standard heating oil. At today's prices, that is saving that can make a real difference in your heating costs.

*To get the best fuel efficiency, be sure to have your burner tuned up each year. Click here for more info about tune-ups.
Q: My grandmother used heating oil and it was smoky and smelly. Has that changed?
A: Yes! Heating oil burns much cleaner than it did even 15 years ago! In fact, today's heating oil burns just as cleanly as natural gas. And like televisions and cars, oil burning equipment has changed a great deal in the past 30 years. New-generation oil burning equipment is very efficient and produces low emissions.
Q: What if my furnace stops working?
  • Verify the thermostat is set to heat
  • Verify the thermostat is set above the space temperature
  • Check batteries in the thermostat if applicable
  • Verify the breaker is on
  • Verify the emergency switch is on
  • Verify the oil tank gauge is reading correctly. The only sure way to know if the tank has or doesn't have fuel is to "stick" the tank to see how many inches are in the tank. Stick a broomstick or another straight item into the bottom of the tank and measure the fuel level from the stick.
  • Verify the air filter is clean
  • If you did run out of fuel and fuel was placed into the tank, the furnace must be "bled". This step will prime the pump and allow it to push fuel into the firebox. Call your service provider to discuss further action
  • Press the reset button
Q: How many times can I push the restart button on my furnace?
A: Once or twice at a time only! Pushing the restart button repeatedly will cause your firebox to flood and heating oil, unlike gasoline, does not evaporate, thus making a lot of noise once it is started. Although rare, flooding the firebox could be a fire hazard.
Q: What if my furnace still doesn't work after these steps.
A: If you suspect a furnace problem contact Gohn and Stambaugh at (717) 840-9697.
Q: When I'm getting an oil delivery, I've noticed a whistling sound while the tank is filling. What is that?
A: A. The whistle sound is how the driver knows when to turn the flow of oil off to your oil tank. When the deliveryman fills your tank, the oil displaces air, which leaves the tank through a separate vent. As the air escapes, it passes a device that whistles, just like a tea kettle! When the fill is complete, there is almost no air left and the whistler device quiets. The silence tells the deliveryman that the tank is full. Pretty neat!
Q: Do I need to be home to get oil delivered?
A: No. Unless your account is set up for cash on delivery, we can deliver fuel anytime without anyone being home. If you have not applied for credit, click here for a credit application form. Please ensure your pets' safety and the safety of our delivery personnel by properly securing all pets.
Q: Will you deliver more oil if I'm on automatic delivery?
A: No. We schedule deliveries when our computerized delivery system projects that your tank is around a ¼ full. Smaller, more frequent deliveries are inefficient and would drive fuel prices up unnecessarily. We do everything we can to keep our fuel prices as low as possible! If you are concerned with a large bill, please see our budget plan.
Q: How do you know when it's time to deliver oil to my home?
A: We count "degree days" to calculate how cold it has been. The average temperature on a given day is measured in degree-days. The colder it is, the more degree-days there are.

The number of heating degree days for one day is roughly equal to 65° minus the average temperature on that day.
Q: How do you track our oil usage?
A: We track the average number of gallons per delivery and compare that to the number of degree days to develop a use rating, called a "K-factor." Each household has their own rating. It's a lot like rating your home's "miles per gallon."
Q: Do you try to schedule deliveries when fuel prices are the highest?
A: No. If you are on automatic delivery, your deliveries are based on degree-day forecasting and your home's K-factor. Fuel prices fluctuate constantly. Trying to schedule deliveries according to these fluctuations would be impractical.
Q: When there are severe winter storms, how do you plan fuel deliveries?
A: Our delivery team keeps a close watch on weather forecasts to anticipate extreme weather, especially snow and ice storms. By using our delivery projection system we know when you will need delivery, and make adjustments to your delivery cycle based on weather forecasts. We also do our best to deliver to customers with difficult driveways before storms make driveways impassable.
Q: What can I do to help my delivery person?
  • Place a stake with a colored grocery bag or ribbon on it to mark the location of your oil tank fill.
  • In times of very deep snow, uncover the fill pipe. Your delivery person would also appreciate it if you clear a path to your fill pipe.
  • If you have a long driveway, remember that a delivery truck is much wider than a car. When plowing your drive, have it plowed wide enough for the delivery truck.
  • Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed back so the driver can access the fill easily, and a leak free connection can be made. It will also keep the driver drier when it rains.
Q: Do your delivery trucks have snowplows?
A: No, it is your responsibility to make your driveway accessible if we need to use it to deliver your fuel.
Q: Why can't the delivery person leave the delivery ticket in my mailbox?
A: U.S. Postal regulations prohibit anyone other than the resident of the home from opening your mailbox. That is why we place the delivery ticket in a door if possible.
Q: I've noticed an oil smell. Is my tank leaking?
A: Possibly, but not necessarily. You may just have a loose fitting or a leak in the oil line. If your tank has rust along its bottom or is showing any signs of “seepage” (which may appear as an oily stain on the tank) contact us or Gohn and Stambaugh to schedule a cleaning, or for a tank replacement. Do not try to remove rust from the bottom of your oil tank!
Q: Is it best to have my oil tank outside my home or in my basement?
A: Oil tanks can be installed in your basement or outside your home. Some are installed inside garages, and others are specifically designed to be buried underground. Outside, above ground tanks do require additional care to resist rusting and condensation.
Q: Is it OK to plant bushes around and in front of my oil tank fill?
A: You can plant near your oil tank fill, however, your delivery person needs enough clearance to be able to access your tank or fill.
Q: I supplement my oil heat with a wood stove (or other type of fuel). Will that affect my automatic deliveries?
A: All sources of heat should be reflected in our delivery projections for your home. Please call us if you begin or stop using a supplemental heat source. Together, we can make timely deliveries.
Q: Is oil safe?
A: Yes. Heating oil is one of the safest fuels ever developed. Oil produces low emissions, is biodegradable, and it won't burn in a liquid state. If a lit match were dropped into a container of heating oil, the oil would extinguish the flame, just like water does! To be ignited, oil must be vaporized. This only occurs under pressure at 140°F.

Properly set and maintained oil burners produce very low, safe levels of carbon monoxide as a normal part of the combustion process. And if there is ever a malfunction in your heating system, there's little or no need to worry about an explosion or the release of carbon monoxide into your home.
Q: Where is the pilot light on my oil burner?
A: Unlike some gas systems, oil furnaces have an electronic ignition system and do not require an open flame.

Energy Rewards FAQs

Q: Can I earn cash credits in any store?
A: There are thousands of online stores and more than 20,000 physical store locations where you can earn cash credits. You have to shop in the stores that appear on our website as they are our partners. For in store shopping, we tell you to let us know what your store loyalty card number is to make sure we can track your purchases. For online purchases, you must access our partners through this site.
Q: Can I use my cash credits to pay any bill?
A: Your cash credits can only be used to pay your energy bill.
Q: Does Edris make a larger profit while prices are high?
A: No. Just the opposite! Our profits shrink during price spikes because we absorb a portion of the price increase to help protect our customers and remain competitive. High prices put a strain on everyone, including us.
Q: Can incentives be used with other coupons so I can save money and earn cash credits at the same time?
A: We encourage you to use only our incentives to make sure you do not run afoul of manufacture coupon rules.
Q: Do I see any information on my receipt at checkout that tells me I earned cash credits?
A: One of the best parts of the our program is that the cash credits are automatically added to your account. You do receive an email alert when that happens so be sure to set your email up on your phone so you see the alert as quickly as possible.
Q: How do I shop in store?
A: You register your store loyalty cards with us for any stores we support. Then you select the offers you want from our site. Once you select the products you want, just go into the store and buy them. Your cash credits are then automatically applied to your account with us.
Q: If I have questions on cash credits that I have not received, what do I do?
A: It's easy, make sure you give us two to three weeks to show the cash credits in your account. If more time passes, simply email your receipt or proof of purchase to credits@billaway.com.
Q: When are the cash credits applied to my account so I can use them to pay bills?
A: Depending on the merchant you purchase from the cash credits can show up in as little as forty-eight hours, however they can take longer such as several weeks. The best thing to do is to make sure you are always earning cash credits so you do not have to wait for a certain purchase to post to your account. Your monthly bills are there every month; make sure you are earning cash credits to offset them every month also.
Q: Who is billaway and how are they connected to this site?
A: Billaway is the company that Edris Oil has partnered with to help manage the reward program you are using. Billaway is the largest provider of loyalty programs to the energy industry. In addition to being the largest and the best, they use the latest security to protect all information on this system.
Q: Will the cash credits I earn ever appear on my receipt when I check out as I buy in a store or online?
A: No. Your cash credits are special and most people you encounter at checkout will not even know about the program, so make sure you keep checking your account with us to see your cash credits. Remember, not everyone can earn cash credits to pay their bills, so come to us and not the retailer with any questions you may have.
Q: What is a Convenience Fee?
A: A convenience fee is to process the conversion of cash credits and to process your payment.
Q: How much is the fee?
A: It depends on how many credits you have. The more credits you have the lower the fee. See the payment page for your calculation. If you use the reward program even just a little, the fee will be $0.